Welcome to my blog!


This blog was started for a creative writing class with The Potter's School, so Creative Writing, Journal, and Sandbox are assignments from that class. However, much more can be found here (poetry, photography, journaling blog posts, conspiracy theories, trains of thought, and much more!), so I hope you enjoy.


Goodbye Hello

Since I'm going to be away from my home for a whole year starting today, my poetry has been rather dramatic lately. I'm much happier than my writing would imply, however, and I wanted to share some of it anyway, so here's a little acrostic about leaving places and people behind.

I’m Afraid of the Monsters

Since I really enjoyed writing Should Have Been a Duet a while back, I've decided to work more in songs. So, I give you my second original song, I'm Afraid of the Monsters. It's sort of about those fears you get late at night when all is dark and creepy, and even though you know nothing is actually there, you're scared nonetheless.